IN BALANCE — Understanding our microbiome


  Following some surprising discoveries over the last decade, the White House announced the National Microbiome Inniative(NMI) in May 2016. The NMI aims to advance understanding of microbiomes in order to aid in the development of useful applications in areas … Continue reading

Taking Care of Yourself While a New Mom


Every day I remind myself that I can take care of myself and of my kids at the same time, and it will even benefit them as I am able to feel better and stronger. I remind myself that it is not a weakness to take care of yourself, nor does it mean that you are not taking care of your children. Continue reading

Acupuncture: 3 questions everyone asks

acupuncture needles are thin and flexible

Acupuncture – the stimulation of specific points along the body, most often by insertion of tiny needles. Acupuncture has few side-effects, is relatively safe, and an effective form of treatment for both chronic and acute conditions. Acupuncture is a technique … Continue reading

IN BALANCE — Pediatric Acupuncture


Ah’CHOO-puncher : common pronunciation of acupuncture by young children, typically ages 2-6. I treat many little ones in my practice -from days old to teenagers. My first introduction to holistic pediatric care began with my oldest son, nearly 15 years … Continue reading