reflection is refreshing

No matter how long you’ve been practicing a certain skill  or how much you think you may know, you will always find comfort in going back to the beginning.  An introduction will find you surrounded by memories of your past and allow you to reflect upon choices, situations or the path you paved for yourself.  Whether you find yourself with fond memories or regrets, reflection is healthy.

Recently, I found myself in that exact scenario.  Back to the basics, in a Reiki II class that I first attended 11 yrs ago to the month.  My birthday month, a time of year which I often put myself into such scenarios.  I find it’s my best time for reflection and self-realization. Putting all ego aside can be a difficult task for anyone, in this scenario I needed to check mine at the door.  I like how energy workers tend to be open, inviting and so understanding of the ego.  It can drive us: titles, degrees, education, experience- what ever sets us each aside making us unique or more “special” than the next.

It can be hard to set yourself apart.

But, we ARE all so different, special and unique AND it’s something to be celebrated.

I’m pleasantly reminded of that, as I’m surrounded by such talented and eager healers with great intentions to share their love for what they do.  And, they do it well as anyone would suspect.  I’ve experienced much, but I continue to learn more from experiences like this one- going back to the beginning, finding my roots and remembering what brought me to where I am today.  Reflection is so refreshing.


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