IN BALANCE — Pediatric Acupuncture


: common pronunciation of acupuncture by young children, typically ages 2-6.

guasha & pediatric tools

guasha & pediatric tools

I treat many little ones in my practice -from days old to teenagers. My first introduction to holistic pediatric care began with my oldest son, nearly 15 years ago. My desire to learn more continued as he received an early diagnosis of ADHD and I refused to medicate him. I was in search for ways to help him heal from his over-use of antibiotics, which I was lead to believe were necessary.

As a parent, I only wanted the best for my son and at the time I made the decisions I thought were right.  Most parents I meet with have the same good intentions. Often they are just lacking support and guidance as they try to navigate alternative options.

I’ve combined my own personal experiences with my graduate and post-graduate studies in pediatrics using Chinese medicine. As much as I am grateful for the knowledge I’ve acquired to keep my own family healthy, I am equally as excited to share these safe, natural options with other families.

Continue to read more from my article in the Bay View Compass, IN BALANCE – Pediatric Acupuncture


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