Discovering Meditation

Lotus flowers in garden under sunlight.Are you new to meditation? Have you tried meditating and find it hard to keep doing it?

Many people are interested in meditation but feel they do not have the time or patience to sit quietly. It can also be difficult to maintain while the busyness of life can throw schedules off.

Please join us in a discussion on meditation with the opportunity to learn a simple and meaningful technique. We will discuss the various benefits of meditation and offer ideas and encouragement to fit meditating into your lifestyle.  All are welcome to share their own experience or ask questions.

This free hour-long evening discussion will be led by 8 Branches practitioner, Tuuli Massignan, C.Ac. MSOM. Tuuli has been practicing meditation for nearly 15 years.

Session Date:  Tuesday October 18th at 6:00 PM.

RSVP to Click here to SAVE your SPOT

Contact: or call 414.751.0888


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