How to Help get rid of Your Child’s Cough

Does your child have a cough that won’t seem to go away?photolibrary_rm_photo_of_girl_coughing_in_bed

We like what Robin Green has to say about it at: Here are some basic suggestions:

  • Stop using cough medicine and consider dark honey and lemon to soothe your little one’s throat.
  • Eliminate dairy if possible. Dairy tends to build phlegm and aggravate a cough.
  • Use essential oils (instead of petroleum based Vicks, for example) to rub on their chest.
  • Make poached pears with cinnamon before bedtime. Pears are a great winter fruit that help nourish the lungs.Robin offers other suggestions and Tuina Massage Tips.
    Read more: 7 Ways to Calm a Cough your Pediatrician won’t Tell You About

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