The idea of movement is less about exercise and more about balance. Overly strenuous activity or lack of a movement are both seen as problematic when it comes to good health.Chinese medicine recognizes that lack of exercise leads to stagnation of qi and blood, which can cause several health problems. You don’t have to practice Tai Chi for wellness – any form of movement like yoga or stretching, that supports your body and breath will offer immense health benefits.

The practice of Tai Chi (translating as ‘supreme ultimate’)  is considered the primary form of movement therapy in Chinese medicine. It is an essential part of well-being. This non-strenuous and low impact exercise focuses on improving the mind-body connection by circulating and improving the flow of qi, helping to establish balance and promoting better health. Tai Chi is practiced while standing and  incorporates fluid movements and deep breathing exercises, which help build strength, while increasing flexibility and balance. Also, It has been shown to increase memory, concentration and circulation, as well as reducing anxiety, back pain, and high blood pressure.christine

At 8branches, we support the idea of balance and encourage our patients to incorporate movement as a part of their daily routine. Whether walking, biking or gardening there are many ways to use your body to move qi. We find it’s most important to find a passion that makes you want to get out and move, with out feeling burdened or forced. Sometimes, just changing the way you work; from sitting to standing all day or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, can offer simple ways to keep your body moving.