Sheri LM Lee, MSOM, C.Ac., LMT, AcuDoula
8 Branches owner and Chinese medicine practitioner DSCF2792

Sheri LM Lee is an advocate for integrative medicine and believes strongly in the importance of holistic health care.  As a licensed acupuncturist, massage therapist and doula, she has over 15 years of experience in a variety of therapies.  Sheri incorporates a holistic approach as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, utilizing what she refers to as the eight branches of care.  She works with her patients in a supportive environment to help improve their quality of life, promote their natural ability to heal and aid in the reduction of stress and pain.

Sheri specializes in pain management, prenatal and labor support, postpartum recovery, pediatric care (including non-needle techniques), and preventative health. Sheri graduated magna cum laude, receiving her Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and Bachelor’s Degree in TCM Nutrition from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Sheri studied both biomedical and complementary medicine practices; such as, meditation, yoga (Ashtanga and Iyengar) and mindfulness training. She is a 2002 graduate from the Milwaukee School of Massage. Additional trainings include: DONA Labor Support, Acupuncture for Labor and Delivery, Spinning Babies techniques, prenatal and pre birth acupuncture, perinatal education, pediatric shoni shin and infant massage. Various bodywork styles include: CST, MFR, Neuromuscular, Thai, Reiki-Master level and Benevolent Touch.  She is  member of the CARE network and serves on the board of directors with Friends of Morgan Park to promote community gatherings, events and small classes.

Sheri believes strongly in building community and, specifically, contributing to a healthier community. Bay View is where she feels at home enjoying time with her husband, Jordan and their three beautiful children.

Tuuli Massignan, MSOM, C.Ac.
8 Branches Chinese medicine practitionerDSCF2810

Tuuli Massigan is an acupuncturist who believes in the body’s ability to come into balance and her vision of health care is firmly rooted in the eight branches of Chinese medicine. She grew up using alternative medicine as a part of her health care practice, and over the last 10 years has been using meditation as a guide to spiritual healing, calming the mind, and centering the energy in the body to achieve balance.

She understands the importance of the mind-body connection and has a strong personal practice which involves her continued studies at a spiritual center near Ashville, NC. By continuing to learn through meditation and mindful practices, Tuuli is able to incorporate these skills into her own life and the lives of others. Tuuli received her Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and Bachelor’s Degree in TCM Nutrition from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. As a Chinese Medicine practitioner, she enjoys sharing her experiences to help patients better understand holistic medicine and how daily mindfulness can effect health and happiness.

Tuuli is most interested in focusing on people’s stressors that adversely affect the body; such as, insomnia and anxiety, which give way to digestive issues and exhaustion. She has always felt that the body has a better chance of healing when it is able to relax and function at it’s natural state.

Tuuli finds happiness in spending time with her husband, Andy and their beautiful baby girls.