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IMG_3694.jpgKeleMarie Lyons 2nd year Intern

Why are you passionate about Chinese Medicine? As humans, our natural state is a joyous state. It is the stress of work; personal relationships and the general expectations of who we should be interfere with our ability to live joyously every day. Once our bodies are stressed, that is when dis ease can set in. From tension that manifests as a sore back or shoulders to more serious chronic disease, Chinese medicine takes a whole-person approach to identifying and treating the imbalance while at the same time nourishes the mind, body and spirit. My passion arises from knowing I have the tools to help individuals heal from the inside–out, their body, mind, and spirit. And once I help one person heal, their family and community can be positively affected. Who knows, maybe this World will even be a better place.

What makes this clinical experience unique? Working in the Bay View Community is a gift. I’ve spent over 25 years in the Milwaukee area so it is home to me. Working at 8 Branches will allow me to treat patients in my own community. My friends and neighbors who have been supportive of my journey through this education now have a place where they can come to see me for treatments. The environment of 8 Branches is a bit different from school as well. Here we have a very nurturing atmosphere where we can learn from Sheri’s many years of experience.

What has your education, thus far included, and what phase are you in? While I love learning, it feels good to know that I am embarking on my final year of this program. Our path has taken us from learning the basics of biology and chemistry through the Western Sciences and at the same time learning the philosophy of Oriental Medicine through tongue & pulse diagnostics. I remember putting my first needle in my own leg over a year ago and now after treating hundreds of patients with existing treatment plans, I’m honing my skills to put together treatment strategies that will help patients effectively overcome illness.

FullSizeRender.jpgClaire Kroenke 1st year Intern

Why are you passionate about Chinese Medicine? Chinese medicine is the intersection of having gratitude for what nature has given us and empowering ourselves to cultivate true wellness from within.  My passion to learn TCM comes from my want to serve the Native American population.  (I am 1/2 Ojibwe)  The similarities between Chinese Medicine and Indian Medicine are striking.   Herbs, massage, moxibustion, bleeding and acupuncture have been used in both Asia and North America for millennia.  In addition to my formal studies at Midwest College I am pursuing autodidactic study of Native American medicine.  It is my hope to address the unique needs of this population without the use of pharmaceuticals. 

What makes this clinical experience unique? I am happy to be gaining experience in my own community.   The environment here at  8 Branches is very conducive to learning and performing effective treatments.  I love having permission to really touch people.

What has your education thus far included or what phase of training are you in? I am in my first year of study.  I have taken classes in Tui Na (massage), point location, pathology, and anatomy.

FullSizeRender-2Mackenzie Kremer 2nd year Intern

Why are you passionate about Chinese Medicine? I love Chinese Medicine so much because of its holistic approach and its focus on maintaining health and well being. Our bodies are perfectly crafted to be beautifully functioning and self-healing, and Chinese Medicine recognizes this. A truly wholesome and joyful body is achieved when the mind, body, and soul are connected and healthy together. Traditional Chinese Medicine makes sure every part of us are working harmoniously, and when they are not, the root of the problem is addressed; in my opinion, this is the only way to true health.

What makes this clinical experience unique? 8 Branches clinic is so peaceful and has such healing energy. Clinic at the Midwest College is great, but I love 8 Branches because it is much more conducive to healing because of the great environment. It is also wonderful to get Sheri’s insight on the different aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine in addition to my teachers and supervisors at school.

What has your education thus far included and what phase of training are you in? I am in my second year of study. The Midwest College has quite an inclusive curriculum. We have had western classes such as Bio Chem, Anatomy, Physiology, and Lab Interpretation, and Eastern classes such as Point Location, Needling 1, 2, 3, Pathology, and Differential Diagnosis.

FullSizeRender-1Alison Ali  2nd year Intern

Why are you passionate about Chinese Medicine?  I first turned to Chinese Medicine when pregnant with my son.  I read a study that proved Acupuncture could make labor and delivery easier and shorter.  Sold!  After just one session I was immediately taken with its grounding effect on my mind.  I had no idea just how “wound up” I was.  Chinese Medicine encompasses treating not just the physical body, but also the mind and the spirit.  These three things each require our attention and care in order to maintain a state of wellness.  There is simply no comparison the the state of wellness that can be achieved when addressing the states of the body, mind and spirit.  More and more these days you are seeing Western Medicine start to make these correlations, but the reality is that Chinese Medicine has been treating the whole person effectively for many many years.

What makes this clinical experience unique? The clinical experience at 8 Branches provides an opportunity to serve our local community’s needs.  Nowhere else in Milwaukee can you get a low cost acupuncture treatment in a peaceful, and private setting.  I am also a Reiki practitioner and feel that when combined with acupuncture, it can really enhance the effectiveness of a treatment.  I enjoy being able to combine these two skills for the benefit of our clients.  Sheri is an intuitive, nurturing practitioner and I really enjoy her insight on patients.  It’s a valuable learning experience.

What has your education thus far included and what phase of training are you in? I am in my last phase of training in acupuncture.  My studies over the past three years have covered not just needling, but also many quarters of Chinese Medicine theory.  In addition, I’ve also studied the whole gamut of Western Medicine from neuroanatomy, orthopedic assessment, pharmacology, nutrition and more.  Our education is very balanced between Chinese Medicine and Western medicine.

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