Student Acupuncture Clinic

Welcoming New Patients.

We are pleased to partner with the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine to offer an off-campus student internship experience at our holistic Chinese medicine clinic.

The 8 Branches Chinese Medicine Student Acupuncture Clinic is a teaching clinic that offers exceptional care.  Our student practitioners are caring, compassionate and highly committed to treating each individual from a holistic perspective. Guided by an experienced faculty supervisor, your student practitioner will provide treatments tailored to your specific, individual health needs while honoring the connection of mind, body and spirit.

These low-cost treatments include acupuncture, accessory techniques and nutritional guidance with the option of an herbal consultation and prescription from a licensed practitioner (addtl. $15). In many cases, we recommend combining multiple therapies to achieve optimum health and balance.

Treatments and consultations are given in a private setting for just $30.              

FRIDAYS 12-4pm  (beginning 1/15/16) FOR AVAILABILITY: CONTACT US!

Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (MCOM) is a leading Acupuncture & Chinese medicine school with two convenient locations: Racine, WI and Evanston, IL.  MCOM offers the most comprehensive education in acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and nutrition in the Midwest. Founded in 1979, MCOM has been a fully accredited Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine school since 1987. MCOM believes in preserving the traditional ideology and philosophies developed by the ancient practitioners that formed this medicine while incorporating modern medical knowledge and technique. Find out more at: