Get Ready to Feel Better!

We are excited to bring to you our 21 day Wellness Purification program. We are partnering with Standard Process to bring quality whole food based nutrition and supplements with support, recipes, and easy to use guides. Making a positive impact … Continue reading

Taking Care of Yourself While a New Mom

Every day I remind myself that I can take care of myself and of my kids at the same time, and it will even benefit them as I am able to feel better and stronger. I remind myself that it is not a weakness to take care of yourself, nor does it mean that you are not taking care of your children. Continue reading

IN BALANCE — The Golden Month

Sheri’s latest article for the Bay View Compass explores the Golden Month and the importance of a healthy postpartum recovery. Learn more about supporting women after childbirth and how you can nurture a new mother. Read more at IN BALANCE- The Golden Month

Using technology to monitor my cycle

“There’s an app for that” has become so commonplace in the lexicon of our digital culture, it’s a wonder I’ve made it this long without using an app to track every aspect of my life. I am tethered to my … Continue reading