birth preparation

Birth Preparation treatments begin around 36-37 weeks, consisting of weekly treatments until labor begins.

Pre-birth treatments meet each woman’s specific needs to prepare for childbirth and encourage optimum positioning of baby, ripening of the cervix, nourishment of tissues, and building energy of the mother. 

DSCF4947TCM focuses on correcting imbalances to reduce anxiety and discomfort while promoting restful sleep and emotional well-being, helping mothers avoid unnecessary medical interventions, including induction and cesarean section.

Labor Support can be used to:

  • Manage pain during labor
  • Expedite a slow progressing labor
  • Promote productive contractions
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Support the mother’s natural abilities to birth peacefully

Enjoy this very detailed guide by Debra Betts on Using Acupressure During Labor.

This support guide, Comfort in Labor by Penny Simkin, offers positions and suggestions for the support person to help manage pain during labor.